Official Rules

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2023 Official Rules

All tournament matches will be played in accordance with the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) Laws of the Game except as modified in these Rules of Competition.

US Club Soccer Sanctioning: This event is unrestricted. Teams registered in good standing with any U.S. Soccer Federation affiliate are eligible to apply. (see BYLAW 603 below for full text)

FIFA Laws of the Game can be found below:

  • FIFA Laws of the Game 22/23-PDF
  • Lack of knowledge of these rules will not relieve any team, team manager, team official, or player of a team participating in the Beach Soccer Bash Adult Tournament, or seeking entry into the tournament, from the responsibilities and possible penalties herein.
  • All club, team officials, players, and spectators, by participating in the Beach Soccer Bash Adult Tournament, agree that they are bound by these rules.
The competitions will be comprised of the following divisions:
Co-Ed Divisions
  • Co-Ed Open-Rec
  • Coed Masters (45/35)*-8 Aside
Men's Divisions
  • Men's Open-Competitive
  • Men's Open-Rec
  • Men's Over 30s
  • Men's Over 40s
  • Men's Over 50s
  • Men's Over 58-8 Aside
  • Men's Over 70-8 Aside
Women's Divisions
  • Women's Over 30s-8 Aside
  • Women's Over 40s-8 Aside
  • Women's Over 50s-8 Aside
  • Women's Open Rec
Premier Divisions
  • CoEd Premier
  • Women's Premier
  • Men's Premier