OTSL Announces SML Summer Registration OPEN

OTSL Announces Registration Opening for SML Summer Season!

OTSL Announces SML Summer Registration OPEN

VIRGINIA BEACH, April 2, 2021 /News/

OTSL today announces the opening of registration for it's Southside Men's League (SML) Summer Season.

The OTSL/SML Summer League provides ultra-competitive match play for players who have more experience through college, high school or travel ball or those looking to play very competitive soccer. OTLS/SML is offering two divisions of ultra-competitive play this season:

  • Premier Division: For ex-College Players or High Level Travel Team Club Players
  • DI Division: For players with Prior College or High School Club experience or those still interested in a competitive match.

"This season is promising to be one of the most competitive ever", the Leagues President Will Dasher commented. "This event comes at a time when folks are just waiting to get out and flex their skills that have been so pent-up during this entire pandemic-year".

For more information see the SML website at https://www.otslvb2.com/orgs/sml

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